Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yoga. No-ga.

Maybe it's the Oprah factor.
That Live Your Best Life business.

Apparently that means I need to step away from the Ben & Jerry's and step up to...
Well, just step up.

So yesterday I took a step.  I joined Sparkpeople.com
It's a healthy lifestyle "tool"  It's free! 
My goal?
Eat less.  Move more.

I know what I should be doing.
It's just that the new Vogue comes.  And then the New Lucky.
And the dogs want to cuddle. And there are Trader Joe's Nutty Bits in the cupboard. 
And facebook.

This has not been a good year on the "move more" front.
Oh, for a while I was on a roll (hold the snide remarks).
I was going for daily walks with Cheryl.  4+ miles at a good pace.
Sunday w/ikes with the gang...
And then.

So tonight I put my big toe back in the water and did some yoga in my living room.
And had quinoa for dinner.  And drank green tea today.
And wrote in my blog.  One day at a time...

Crap!  I missed Dancing with the Stars.

Damn Oprah.

Monday, September 27, 2010

from journal to blog.

I love paper.
Given the choice of writing in a beautiful paper journal or sending my words out into cyberspace?
Give me a journal.
Maybe it's the idea of a brand spanking-new diary. 
Blank pages. A fresh start.  A new beginning.
Maybe it's a control issue.  A journal I can tuck into my underwear drawer.
Pushing the "publish" button?
Not so much.
And what if somebody reads it?
And comments?
And they are unkind?
I'm kind of sensitive.

I'm committed to paper.
Marta mocks me.
Tells me I could "sync all these up"
I also keep a little paper datebook.
And phone book.
My to do list.
All on paper. 

I also write thank you notes. And send cards for no occasion.
It must stem from that feeling I get when  nestled in between the bills and junk mail, there it is.
Familiar hand writing.  My best friend's.  My favorite aunt's.

But I said I'd embrace technology.
And commit to writing on a regular basis.
So here goes....